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Moody’s to PM Narendra Modi: Rein in members or risk losing credibility

NEW DELHI: Against the backdrop of controversies like on beef, Moody’s Analytics today cautioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the country may lose domestic and global credibility if he doesn’t rein in the members of his party.

“Key economic reforms could deliver greater potential GDP, as they would improve India’s productive capacity. These include the land acquisition bill, a national goods and service tax, and revamped labour laws. They are unlikely to pass through Parliament in 2015, but there is an even chance of success in 2016,” Moody’s said.

As regards interest rates, it said low rates will buttress the economy in the short-term but reforms are needed to reach long-term potential growth.

In a report titled India Outlook: Searching for Potential, Moody’s Analytics ...

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‘Does India Want ‘Mantra-Tantra’ Or ‘Loktantra?’ PM Modi in Bihar

SITAMARHI, BIHAR:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in the Sitamarhi district of Bihar, where assembly elections are being held in five phases.


Here are the highlights of his speech:

  • Today is an auspicious day for me because I have reached  Mata Sitamadhi’s home
  • Also because today is Valmiki Jayanti and hundreds of people have come here to support me
  • It is a matter of pride that I got to meet all of you
  • Today is Valmiki Jayanti.. may Mata Sita grant us her blessings
  • It has been 16 months.. and I haven’t taken a single leave
  • For me, this satta is sewa-yagya where I am on duty all the time..
  • Even if my sewa (service) doesn’t reflect on TV or in newspapers.. I can still see it here in the crowds
  • This election will decide the fate of Bihar
  • You have to decide whom ...
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All’s fair in war and Bihar polls: Quota narrative gets a communal twist, courtesy Modi

On Monday, when he spoke for almost half an hour at Buxar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proved that in the end the Bihar election always boils down to just one question: What can divide voters more — caste or religion? “I will not allow any change in the existing system of reservation. I was the chief minister of Gujarat for several years, and there wasn’t any change in the quota criteria. Even during Atal Behari Vajpayee’s tenure, there was no change in the reservation policy,” Modi thundered at the rally.So far so good.

The next two rounds of polling in Bihar are in constituencies dominated by Dalits and backward caste voters. Since the Nitish Kumar-led Mahagathbandhan has turned the election into a fight between upper caste (agda) and backward caste (picchda) voters by claimi...

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Firing on all cylinders: BJP trump card PM Modi returns to the Bihar campaign trail

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to the Bihar campaign trail after a roughly two-week-long recess during Navratras. He established an instant re-connect with the electorate, at least that’s what the crowd response indicated at Madhora in Chhapra, where he addressed the first of four rallies scheduled for the day.

His four rallies today had generated an added public interest for the simple reason that he had taken a break from campaigning, something the JD(U)-RJD-Congress Mahagathbandhan leaders used to launch a psychological offensive against the BJP, levelling the charge that Modi had “sensed defeat and had thus fled” from Bihar’s electoral arena...

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