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Decision 2015: Why BJP is going to town in Bihar, literally

In an election that will hinge on the battle between those who say “Nitish has done a lot of work, but…” and those who say “Nitish has worked for Bihar, and…”, it is becoming clear that you need to go to the town if you want to fill in the blanks of the first statement.


This is not to say that the village is rooting for Nitish or that the town is ranged against him — but only that the most complete case against an incumbent who, after two terms in power, is not battling anti-incumbency as is conventionally understood, is made in the town.

In Motihari, for instance.

It is the district headquarters of East Champaran, where Durga Puja celebrations have lit up streets with coloured Chinese string lights and the air throbs Bhojpuri bhakti songs.

Manoj Kumar Jaiswal owns ...

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NDA’s defeat in Bihar polls will pose no threat to Modi govt: Digvijay

NEW DELHI: NDA’s defeat in the Bihar assembly polls will have some impact on the Centre but that would pose no threat to the Narendra Modi government which has been elected for five years, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has said.

“I don’t think there is a challenge to the NDA Government …If they do not do well, they will certainly be questioned,” he said.

The Congress general secretary, however, said “people were now realising their mistake” of having elected the Modi government under whose watch “forces of intolerance” were “on the rise”.

He said even though the Congress had called for unity secular forces for “tangible action” against those spreading hatred, one could not say “just now” if and when UPA III could be formed.

“Now people are realising their mistake…...

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Bihar Polls: 6 reasons why the BJP might win Bihar elections

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah said at a rally in Patna on Monday that the National Democratic Alliance would win a majority of the seats that went to pollsin the first two phases earlier this month in Bihar. Shah claimed the party would win 28 to 32 of the 49 seats from Phase-I, and 20 to 24 of the 32 seats voted for in Phase-II.


Senior BJP leaders are convinced that its alliance will surprise naysayers, just like the party did with its performance in Uttar Pradesh in the Lok Sabha elections, and then in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana Assembly polls. Indeed, they insist the party will turn in an equally splendid performance in the remaining three

So, what explains the BJP’s confidence? Here are six reasons why the party is so gung-ho about its performance...

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Modi vs Rahul worked, but Modi vs Nitish could become a tactical error

Whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi wins or loses, mind you, I did not say whether BJP wins or loses, the outcome of Bihar elections will drastically change the present political scenario.

The tactical error Modi has made was to make this election his personal referendum rather than the party’s. He made it his personal battle with Nitish Kumar. It did work in the Lok Sabha Election when Modi was the PM candidate. He had cleverly converted the elections into a presidential style battle between him and Rahul Gandhi. Modi was fresh on the national scene with a macho like image and full of promises, promising to bring the so called ‘achche din’. People were fed up of the UPA government’s massive corrupt image, which in their last two years was virtually directionless...

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