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Online Campaigns

Where in the world can a person check their mail, pay bills, check bank balances, book a vacation, and show support for their favorite political candidate all in the same place? Simple – online of course. Candidates and politicians are looking to cash in on the most impact for their time and what better way to become a part of that powerful trend than welcoming cyber space into their lives? Who knew that a craze that started a few short years ago with social websites such as would turn into a tool to be used so heavily in campaigns?

Barack Obama has enjoyed adding 100,000 friends to his MySpace page, and other campaigns are even adding other MySpace pages as well as joining into the Second Life craze that has st...

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Biotechnology and Politics – What To Do

One of the snags in a political system is that it isn’t always well-equipped to keep up with changes in technology. When the Internet came along, lawmakers were aghast at how to regulate it, or if it is to be regulated at all. Computers gave rise to software – a medium like books and music in some ways, but different in others. They’re still grappling over how to manage laws pertaining to software, and to adjust patent and copyright law to better fit this unforeseen media entity.

But if they’re having a tough time keeping up with electronic technology, they’re in for a real poser with biological technology...

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The Internet Influence on Elections

United States Presidential candidates for 2008 have a growing factor to address: the increased usage of the Internet. Fully half the people on Earth are going online now, and the United States is one of the most wired countries in the world.

First there are the blogs. Big-ticket bloggers like Wonkette, DailyKos, and Little Green Footballs have replaced newspapers and magazines as the sounding board for public opinion. Most web users are more likely to get their news from the web than from the TV. Television news is slow and repetitive; the few companies controlling the network station lead to a homogenized environment where everybody pretty much says the same thing.

But a soldier can blog directly from a war zone and report s...

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What Kind of Campaign Can We Expect From the Candidates

At this point, the front runners for each of the parties are beginning to make themselves evident – and they’ve already taken a few swipes at each other in the press. So, since we’re about to get to the fun part of campaign commercial seasons, it’s worth taking a look at how each of the candidates will use their advertising dollars to get their message out to the public. This is actually predictable to an extent, since we have a good character record to go by.

Clinton – Expect a very positive message of hope. Clinton’s focus is on domestic and family issues, with a generous dose of Civil Rights. She may run the occasional attack ad, but then only to compare her opponent’s record and stand on the issues to her own...

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