Fiery Chief Mamta Banarjee: 200 Railles Result Two Third Majority

Fighting incumbency and the opposition alliance of the Left and the Congress, the Trinamool Congress is surging towards a two-thirds majority having already bagged 193 seats and leading in another 18 constituencies. In the 294-member Assembly, the Left-Congress alliance did not make much of an impact despite prediction to the contrary by political pundits, as it captured 56 seats and was leading in 19 others. The Congress, however, did better than its Left allies winning 29 seats and was leading in 15 seats. The CPI(M) bagged 18 seats and is ahead in eight. The BJP won three seats as against a single member in the outgoing Assembly. In the Darjeeling hills, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha won three seats.

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West Bengal Assembly Elections Results 2016

West Bengal, one of the India’s most populous states, has held regular elections since the constitution of its first Legislative Assembly in 1952. The state has a unicameral legislature. The Vidhan Sabha or the Legislative Assembly has 295 members out of which 294 are directly elected and one member is nominated from the Anglo-Indian community. The state assembly had 240 members in the first Vidhan Sabha and 251 in the second Vidhan Sabha. The number gradually increased to 295 in the eighth assembly in 1977. The tenure of the state assembly is of five years unless it is dissolved.

West Bengal is represented in the Indian parliament by 42 directly elected members in the Lok Sabha or the lower house and 16 members in the Rajya Sabha or the upper house. The state also holds elections for the local bodies such as the Municipalities, Zila Parishads and Gram Panchayats.

The main political parties in the state are the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM), and the Indian National Congress (INC). The All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) was formed in 1998, and is now a major regional party of the state.

Party Name Won Lead Total
TMC 196 15 211
Left-Congress+ 62 13 75
CPI 1 0 1
CPI(M) 25 1 26
RSP 2 1 3
INC 34 10 44
JD(U) 0 1 1
BJP+ 3 0 3
BJP 3 0 3
Independent 1 0 1
Total 267 27 294

Some pictures of overwhelming joy and celebration are uploaded By Mamta Banerjee

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Celebration across Bengal after Trinamool Congress set to get a massive win in the state.

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