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Flashing ‘V’ Sign, PM Modi Sets Off BJP’s Gujarat, Himachal Celebration

PM Modi led a high-voltage campaign to score a fifth straight victory for the BJP, which has ruled Gujarat for 22 years.


  1. PM Modi flashes victory sign before entering parliament
  2. BJP set to win in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, celebrations begin
  3. PM Modi led a high-voltage campaign in Gujarat to score victory for BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi flashed a V sign for victory and a big smile as he walked into parliament this morning as his party, the BJP, looked set to win the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election.

The BJP is set to win a fifth consecutive term in Gujarat.

The party had a scare in PM Modi’s home state, where the fight turned out to be tougher than expected by its leaders and predicted by pollsters...

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